Tachiyomi best extensions

Tachiyomi Best Extensions to Install

Tachiyomi app has become the most popular manga reader among manga fans, as we all know there are a lot of websites, sources available on the internet to read manga, but Tachiyomi gives you the ability to read all of them in one place, in your mobile phone or on any android device. Among hundreds of Tachiyomi extensions, it’s hard to specify the best ones, but with the time you spent on the reading, you will feel what is the best sources which suites for you. Today, we are listing Best Tachiyomi extensions and these extensions have been selected from their quality, update speed, availability and other common features of the sources.

Usually, the newest manga can be found on authors own websites. But in some cases authors, scanlators don’t upload them to their website or they upload later, but there are extensions for them which you can install with Tachiyomi and read latest updates quickly. And also you can Schedule updating your library for new chapters of the extensions. What Tachiyomi does is it syncs common manga website databases such as Mangadex, MangaFox and allows you to download the chapters for reading offline.

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We can list below Tachiyomi sources based on our experience as below. We noticed that most of these are updating quicker than others.

Tachiyomi Best Extensions/Sources

Best Extensions Features
MangadexThis is the most popular extension. it has Fastest manga updates and good quality images. Also it have recent release.
KissmangaAnother manga extension of the online platform, where you acan read manga. It has one of the best user interface to read manga. Not its available on Tachiyomi app.
MangakakalotMangakakalot is the largest manga library. Simply, all the manga are available here to read, Also this has some manga which you cannot find on other sources, for example: Goblin Slayer
MangaseeIf you are lookingfor high quality images, Mangasee is the extension you are looking for. And also it has official translations
MangaFoxMangaFox it the extension providing a collection of manga scans and scanlations for users to read and download. It has more than 8000+ manga currently available to read
MangahereHundreds of high-quality free manga available on this extension. It included Naruto manga, Bleach manga, One Piece manga and other popular manga.
MangaedenAnother best sources you can find good quality images which includes classic genres, summaries, manga art-books, and popular fiction and non-fiction manga titles.
Best Tachiyomi Extensions/sources

Apart from the above list you can try other extension that are featured on the Tachiyomi app catalogue section.Most of the featured extensions gives good experience with the readers.

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How can I download Tachiyomi in IOS?

Unfortunately officially tachiyomi does not available for apple iOS devices. But you can use alternative apps which available on the Apple Store to get tachiyomi experience on apple iOS devices. Read this article to know about those apps.
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      • According to my experience, mangahasu is the best source, i ve never searched for a manga and haven’t found it on it even when other sources like mangakaklote don’t have it (which is meant to have the largest library) the only bug with it is that u have to open the manga in webview at least once so it passes human verification

  1. anyone here know any extensions that not really drains mobile data fast? only mangahere are the one that i know that is really mobile data friendly but sad to say as you further reach the bottom, most of the mangas are incomplete.

    • Hi Mammon, all of the extensions are using internet access to get the manga. the amount of data transfering to your mobile is depending on the quality, size of the manga source. you can try disabling background sync using third part app. Just an idea

  2. I really thank you! This app is wonderful! I do like tachiyomi, but I can’t donate money nor programming skill since I don’t have these things 😞.


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