Tachiyomi Extensions – Everything you need to know

Tachiyomi extensions allow you to get mangas from their sources. Simply extension is the part which connects the Tachiyomi app with manga sources. An extension can contains multiple sources. Usually, extensions come in .apk format which you can download and install.

What is a Tachiyomi Extension?

Tachiyomi extension is a kind of add-on that you can install on Tachiyomi App. You can install one or more Tachiyomi extensions and add a mix of their manga to your manga Library. An extension is the part that connects Tachiyomi app with different manga sources and gives you the ability to read them in the Tachiyomi app. Extension connects with the manga source and get their manga directly from its database. Some extensions give manga from different sources. We call them Multi-source extensions. Most of the scanlator sources are part of Multi-source extensions, which contain multiple sources. Some extensions like  GenkanFoolSlide, Madara and ComiCake contain sources that host directly from the scanlators’ websites.

How do I add extensions to Tachiyomi?

Once Tachiyomi is installed you have to install extensions to read manga because you cannot read manga without related extensions, Tachiyomi extensions are available to download free. There are two ways of adding/installing Tachiyomi Extensions.

  1. Install via Tachiyomi App
  2. Download and Install the extension Separately.

We have a separate article on installing Tachiyomi Extensions which contains detailed instructions on both the above methods. You can read if from the below link.

How to Install Tachiyomi Extensions Step by Step Guide

What are the Best Tachiyomi Extensions?

Among hundreds of Tachiyomi extensions available in the developer’s Github page, it’s hard to specify the best ones, but from the experience, with the time you spent on the reading, you will feel what is the best extension which gives your favorite manga. We have a listing on Best Tachiyomi extensions on a separate page and those extensions have been selected from their quality, update speed, availability and other common features of the sources. Read it from the below link

Best Tachiyomi Extensions/Sources

How do I Update Extensions ?

Updating Tachiyomi Extension is an easy task in which anyone can easily update installed extensions. It’s simple as installing it via the app. When you navigate to the Extensions menu you will see that there are installed extensions listed there and there is a Button called Update in front of the Extension name, All you have to do is Tap on the Update button and Tap on Install when it asks to start the installation, Please allow permissions if requested. But normally it won ask for any permissions.


How do I uninstall Tachiyomi Extension?

Uninstalling Tachiyomi Extension is an easy task. Please note that this will uninstall the Extension. Once you navigated to the Extensions, you will see the list of extensions that already installed.

  • Click on the Extension Name
  • Tap Uninstall Button and Tap OK

How Can I Install Tachiyomi on Android?

To do all of these first, you have to download and install the Tachiyomi app. you can download Tachiyomi from here and follow Step by Step guidelines on How to Install the Tachiyomi app.

  • Download Tachiyomi App APK
  • Beginner Guide to Install Tachiyomi App

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