How to Install Tachiyomi Extensions

How to Install Tachiyomi Extensions

Tachiyomi has become the best opensource manga reader available for Android Phones and Tablets today. Its clean UI and customization options provide you to easily read manga from online sources and download them to read offline.

Once you downloaded and installed Tachiyomi app on your android device, you have to install Tachiyomi extensions to start reading. Tachiyomi extensions allow you to get mangas from their sources. Simply extension is the part that connects the Tachiyomi app with manga sources. An extension can contain multiple sources. Usually, extensions come in .apk format where you can download and install. But the easiest way to install in using the Tachiyomi app to get easily installed.

There are hundreds of extensions available on the Tachiyomi app inbuilt, all you have to do is select and install the extension of your favorite manga source.

How to Download and install Tachiyomi Extensions?

The easiest way to install in using the Tachiyomi app to get the easily installed. Most of the popular extensions are available on Tachiyomi app to install. First, you have to install Tachiyomi app. If you haven’t installed you can also check our previous posting on How to Install Tachiyomi App on Android Devices.

Following are the steps you have to follow to install Tachiyomi extensions;

  1. Go to Settings > and pick Extensions from the menu
  2. Pick any Extension/Source for Tachiyomi and tap Install.
  3. Android will ask your permission to install Tachiyomi Extension. Just choose “Allow from this source”
  4. Then Tachiyomi app will install the extension/source in your Phone.

Step by Step Guide to Install Tachiyomi Extensions 

Open Tachiyomi App and tap ‘Three Lines’ button on top left corner and Tap on Extenstions

You will see there are many extensions are available from different sources. Also if you scroll down you will find extensions from other languages as well.

Pick any Extension/Source for Tachiyomi from the list and tap on Install Button.
It will ask for permissions if you user Android 10 or later version to enable installing apps from unknown sources for Tachiyomi App. Tap on settings as displayed on below screenshot.

Tap on the ‘Allow from this source’ and go back.

Tap on Install and it will begin the Installation

After the installation you can see Installed Extensions under Installed and available Extensions.

So What Next ??

How to Add manga to your library ?

After the installation of the extension and it should appear in the Catalogues tab. We can call the items listed here appearing here as Sources (can also be called as Catalogues), As mentioned above extension can contain manga from multiple sources.

You will see that there are two buttons on the manga source. Latest and Browse. Use one of these buttons to browse and add manga to your library. Also, Tachiyomi has a facility to search manga from the sources.

Next Step is to add your manga to add to your library, click on it and then press the blue bookmark button.

It should now appear in your My Library tab, ready to be read! Enjoy !!

Where can I find Old Tachiyomi Extensions?

Tachiyomi developers maintain Tachiyomi Extensions repository on GitHub where you can find and download previous versions.

You can download the extension from the repository and install on your device.

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