8 Best Comedy Anime Series that will makes you Laugh

Although there are many great funny animes available, the following shows are the greatest animes that makes you laugh from beginning to end. Those have been selected from after taking votes from the hundreds of anime readers, and we are sure that many of them have jokes that will make you funny.  We have made the top 8 best comedy anime list because laughing is a good habit. Well, it won’t cure cancer, but a good smile can lift your mood and make you feel good all day. There is no shortage of comedy animation to choose from. Still, humour is one of the hardest to translate between cultures and languages. By overcoming that gap anime series always comes into our mind.

Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka

The Great Teacher Onizuka, or GTT, is not only one of the best comedy anime of all time. It is also a full stop for the best anime. Mr Onizuka is a former bicycle gang member who has a black belt and decides he should turn his life around. So he gets his master’s degree and applies to be a high school teacher. The primary intent is to focus on those legitimate high school girls.

Unfortunately, no one has him, but he gets a job as a teacher who oversees a class of problems that no other teacher wants to take. Onizuka is not the smartest person around, but he has a golden heart. His approach to helping his troubled students and his unblinking mouth are the central joke of this show. There are more than 40 episodes of epic school-based anime you’ve never seen before.

I also admire GTO’s animation style. The show first aired in 1999, and was the final title with an actual 90s animated look. This concert can be genuinely touching and is still one of my favourite romances. If you get a chance to try out the GTO, take it in your hands. It can also be introduced as a romantic comedy anime in a high school.

The Devil is a Part-Timer

The Devil is a Part-Timer

In a brilliant reversal of the usual “Isekai” threads that transport somebody from Earth to the New World, the Devil is a part-time person, bringing the King of Devils into our world. Here his magic is limited, and he wants to return to his kingdom soon, but the challenges of everyday life (such as rent and food) meet his ambitions. What happens when a mysterious leader of a demonic nation puts his skills into the fast-food business? How high could he be? These and more questions are brought up in a comic and humorous show of equal parts.

Like many good comedy shows, the Devil is a half-timer. The Devil, the right hand of Satan, is responsible for the best deceptions when he tries to serve his Lord under the restrictions imposed by an earthly existence. Ironically, he is slowly turning into a domestic servant. Stories like these are an excellent way to get a fresh perspective on how our modern society is strange to outsiders. It’s a light-hearted with genuinely cool moments.

One Punch Man

One Punch Man

This anime has a fascinating history. It started out not as a manga but as a free webcomic. The webcomic was never a huge hit, and the rights to both the “proper” manga redesign and the anime were chosen. Thus we got one Punch Man, and thank the gods for that!

One Punch Man is mainly a joke, and it eliminates shows like Dragon Ball Z. Saitama, our hero of One Punch Man, is already at the very top of the energy food chain. He is so powerful that he has no enemy that can be defeated by a single blow. He’s bored – he has nothing to do with hard work and must think of ways to fight.

The world that Saitama lives in is pretty crazy. It’s basically a giant continent full of monsters, cities and everything you need in a playground for super-powerful confusion. There are many superheroes and villains in this world, but now they are starting to focus on Saitama. How did he become so powerful? According to man, what he did was inhuman training. The truth of these powers has not yet been revealed. Ironically, after resembling his deity, all his hair has fallen off. This is clearly a jab at DBZ, where powerful fighters get bigger and bigger hairstyles.

One Punch Man is a viral phenomenon and a unique comedy animation. If you have not seen it, you will miss an important topic.

Golden Boy

Golden Boy

The first thing you need to know about Golden Boy is that this is not a show for younger viewers. The show is really good and was released in 1995 as Original Video Animation.

Golden Boy is a somewhat formulaic show, but to this day, this formula feels fresh, and no one else has really played the tropics the same way. Our hero is Kintaro. He is known as “Freeter” in Japan, which is not the same as “NEET”. Freeters do not work and earn noincome, but they basically move from one casual job to the next.

Kintaro wants to learn as much as possible about the world. He writes all the lessons he learns in his little notebook. In each episode, Kintaro is obsessed with a new female interest that he really tries to help as best he can. Despite his obvious incompetence, Kintaro is actually brilliant. He completed all the credits for studying law but decided to get out anyway. Much of the humour in Golden Boy comes from Kintaro’s unorthodox problem-solving. If you have the stomach for some pretty perverse images and subjects, then Golden Boy will make you roll in the hallways.

Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this World

Konosuba: God's Blessing on this World

Konosuba is another Isekai show, a Comedy Animethat starts with our hero dying in a rather embarrassing way. He is sent to the afterlife, where the goddess Aqua offers to revive him in a fantasy world that looks like an RPG. You can do quests and find your way around the world. To give him a head start, she offers an item or power of his choice to take with him. But in a very ah! My goddess is moving, Mr Kazama asks Aqua to come with him himself.

The main task of this world is the defeat of the Devil King, and until Kazama can defeat him, Aqua is stuck. So they have to start a group. And then go on a search to work their way up to such an impossible feat. The problem is that Kazama and everyone in his group is a bunch of outsiders. Aqua itself, although incredibly powerful, is an airhead bimbo. Her magician is a girl who only cares about explosion magic, and her tank is a masochist who has sexual pleasure when beaten up.

Konosuba has become a top-rated show thanks to a unique characteristic. Will Kazama ever defeat the Devil King? Well, we don’t know yet, but we’re hoping for more seasons.

Mob Psycho 100 

Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 is close to the series’ breakout debut in 2016 and carries the torch of its predecessor’s family tree. It is known as one of the funniest, most active, and most aesthetically diverse anime to air recently, pushing this envelope even further inside its second season. Most, if not all, of the original season 1 staff returning on this excursion, including animator Miya Sato, whose masterful “oil on glass”.

This animation has rewarded so many of the season’s outstanding sequences. Layabout’s Adventures The fraud Reigen Arataka, his extremely powerful protégé Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama and his Poltergeist buddy Dimple continue to increase as Mob travels through puberty in the face of increasingly dangerous operations. Aside from its adventurous animation, whip-sharp comedic timing, and impressive action sequences, Mob Psycho 100 is a moving coming-of-age story about the relationship between a mentor and his student. It shows how the two help does more become mature, severe and more adapted individuals. Come from pyrotechnics, stay for the waterworks.



After the noble Kappa kingdom fell into the otter kingdom, the Kappa prince Kemppi loses a large part of his power. He becomes helpless against the invisible Kapa zombies. These zombies plague the world and are the creations of the otters and manifestations of people’s deepest desires. Without a choice, Kemppi has to rely on three boys: Kazuki Yasaka, who has to carry a box with him everywhere. Enta Jinnai, Kazuki’s childhood friend and Tooi Kuji, an offender and truancy.

By removing the mythical organ called Shirikodama from them, the boys themselves can become kappa and fight the Kapa zombies. However, to defeat them, the boys need to connect with each other through their minds, bodies and their secrets. Because the Kappa kingdom relies on these boys, they need to reveal themselves as they have never done before, and at the same time learn that connections are fragile and really precious things.

Shinchou Yuusha (Cautious Hero)

It is a severe understatement to call the hero of Shinchou Yuusha, Seiya, He is careful with mistakes. It also doesn’t help that the goddess who accompanies him on his dangerous journey is Restart, hopelessly useless and hysterical. This was the most unforgettable comedy / isekai anime of 2019!” 

Shinchou Yuusha is as amusing as the epitome of comedy / Isekai anime KonoSuba: God’s blessing for this beautiful world. The only difference is that this show is action-oriented and fast-paced. It leaves with a bang just as quickly as it makes its eye-catching entrance.

It’s insane how Shinchou Yuusha can cause uncontrollable laughter by just swinging his bizarre state and the crazy dynamics of his characters. This short anime is a must, we can say!

Conclusion : Best Comedy Anime Series that will makes you Laugh

We hope that you enjoy with these list of comedy anime. Most of these comedy anime are selected from the user experience and based on their ratings. Please do share among your friends and social medias.

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