All about Tachiyomi Forks

Many users use Tachiyomi to read manga today, but some of them feel uncomfortable with the Tachiyomi official app since they are limited to few functionalities on the official app. Sometimes you may head about Forks. There are some developers who improve the functionalities and features of Tachiyomi for better user experiences. Users can get outstanding experience by using Forks. Simply Forks are kind of alternative versions of Tachiyomi with some special features which don’t have on the official app. So let’s discuss about Tachiyomi Forks today.

What are Tachiyomi Forks ?

Now I believe you are wondering what a fork is. Think fork as a separate app that does certain things but it’s the same as Tachiyomi’s original app. In other words, Forks are kind of different apps that are similar to each other but have some unique features on each one. There are some improved features, special user interfaces, etc… We can find several forks available for Tachiyomi. There are some additional features on Forks which you cannot take advantage of the Tachoyomi official app.

Special Features on Tachiyomi Forks

Apart from the features we can see on the Tachiyomi app, we can experience following special features on Tachiyomi Forks.

  • Different user interfaces,
  • Reading modes
  • Edge to edge support on Android 10
  • Beautiful background options
  • Organizing and management features
  • Light and Dark themes, etc.

What are the Best Tachiyomi Forks?

There are some Tachiyomi forks available on the internet, some of them are available on the Tachiyomi official site as well. Here we list the best Tachiyomi Forks you can use.


tachiyomi fork j2k screenshot

TachiyomiJ2K is the most popular fork among the users. This fork has a different design of the original app along with several other feature enhancements. It adds a better and sleek UI and some additional features that the Tachiyomi base app doesn’t have. There is also the developer build of the stable version and the beta of j2k which have extra features. This is maintained by Jays2Kings

Some special features of TachiyomiJ2K

  • New Manga details screen
  • New Recents page
  • Android 10 Edge to Edge support
  • Automatic background based on manga page
  • Library Categories are stacked vertically
    Per-category/Drag & drop sorting
  • Tri-state/Negative filters
  • Multi-source migration
  • Sort by Date
  • Batch Auto-Source Migration
  • Recently Read goes all the way back to the beginning of time
  • Restoring backups in the background
  • Expanding manga thumbnails
  • A lot more Material Design 2 additions

Tachiyomi Neko

tachiyomi neko fork

This is another fork you can use. Tachiyomi Neko focuses on MangaDex and Tachiyomi J2K. This has almost every feature that Tachiyomi j2k has except some extensions. And also custom covers, local manga, etc… Neko is maintained by CarlosEsco and it enhances your reading with native integration and recommendations. Neko requires an android 7 or later version running on your device to function properly.

Some special features of Tachiyomi Neko

  • Supports native login to MangaDex and supports 2FA
  • MDList support as a tracker
  • Similar Manga Recommendations
  • Manually sync of Manga to and from Mangadex follows list
  • Filter by Group in chapter list
  • Look at an additional source for missing chapters not hosted on MangaDex
  • Ability to attempt to merge missing chapters from MangaDex with another source


TachiyomiAZ is hentai focused fork and it is based on TachiyomiEH. This fork includes most features and fixes from the Tachiyomi base app. And it has features from TachiyomiJ2K as well. The special thing is it has the old hamburger menu style of navigation, compared to the other forks available for Tachiyomi that have moved to the bottom navigation style. This fork is maintained by az4521

Some special features of TachiyomiAZ

  • Maintained hamburger navigation
  • Grid view corner rounding configuration
  • Manga recommendations
  • AutoScroll
  • Boost Page (force redownload page)

There are some special thing to mention about TachiyomiAZ is that it support some special sources(extensions) including E-Hentai/ExHentai, nHentai,, 8Muses, HBrowse, Perv Eden

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