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Hello Manga fans, hope you are looking for the Mangadex app to easily right? Not only you most of the people who use Mangadex are looking for Mangadex app. MangaDex is very popular because of its contents, quality and update speed. This is the main reason behind may users are addicted to it. Well, going forward directly I have to say that currently there is no any official app launched by the MangaDex, but don’t be afraid, there is a great extension which is compatible with Tachiyomi app.
This extension comes as APK file which compatible with android and is created officially be the Tachiyomi developers/associates to get official manga from the Managadex databases, Finally Tachiyomi and Mangadex APK file altogether you have the Mangadex mobile application to read the manga. at the moment we can consider it as official Mangadex apk file. From this article, we are going to guide you on how to install and use Manga dex apk file on Tachiyomi App to read manga on your mobile.

What is Mangadex ?

MangaDex is an online manga reading website which is highly recommended by the manga fans around the world. It offers Mangas from all languages listed below. This awesome website is made by scanlators for scanlators and gives active groups for complete control over their releases. According to the officials, Everyone is welcome on their platform as long as they follow the rules.

Some people used to read manga on their official site ( like a Manga reader web application or desktop application. But sometimes it doesn’t feel looks good, also it is not a portable way. That’s why we need a mobile app to read it on the way to your school, office or home. You will be able to get it to your mobile. Currently Mangadex is the best manga source for Tachiyomi.

What are the requirements to install Mangadex APK

Following requirements is required to download and install Mangadex App on your device

  1. Tachiyomi App installed on the device
  2. Android version 5 or later version
  3. 50 MB or more space.
  4. Internet Connectivity to download and read

How to Install Tachiyomi ?

To run the Mangadex extension we need Tahciyomi manga reader installed on your device. It is the main requirement as we have described above. We have another article that describes How to Install Tachiyomi App. you can refer it if you are a beginner or if you don’t know how to download it and install the app. Following steps are the summary of it that.

  • Download the Tachiyomi App here
  • In your device, Go to Settings > Security > Device Management > Toggle on ‘Unknown Sources’. [Skip this if already allowed Unknown Sources]
  • Open the downloaded Tachiyomi APK file and then tap on ‘Install’. Allow the required permission to begin the installation process.

After that you will see that Tachiyomi is installed on your device,

How to download Mangadex app APK file ?

You have two ways to download the Mangadex APK fle. The first one is through the Tachiyomi app If you have already installed it, This is the easiest way to download the Mabgadex. Tachiyomi provides easier navigation to download the extension. The second way is downloading the Mangadex APK file separately and install it manually in your device.

If you are not going to download via Tachiyomi app,Mangadex APK file can be download from below link to manual installation.

How to install Mangadex APK on Tachiyomi App?

You should have installed Tachiyomi App which is required to install the Mangadex extension. Then you have to download the Mangadex extension using Tachiyomi app. Following article contains complete guide to install Tachiyomi extensions and how you can work with them. This is the recommended way to install Mangadex onTachiyomi.

Summarizing the Installing Tachiyomi extensions article, following are the steps you have to follow to install Tachiyomi extensions;

  1. Go to Settings > and pick Extensions from the menu
  2. Pick Mangadex Extension/Source for Tachiyomi and tap Install. (See below screenshot, highlighted in Yellow)
  3. Android will ask your permission to install Tachiyomi Extension. Just choose “Allow from this source
  4. Then Tachiyomi app will install the extension/source in your Phone.
  5. Done. Now you can access Mangadex catalogue to find and add them to your manga.
How to Install Tachiyomi Extensions

How to install Mangadex APK for Tachiyomi Separately?

If you cannot install Mangadex using recommended way you can try installing the extension manually as described below.

  • Download the MangaDex APK file from above download button.
  • In your device, Go to Settings > Security > Device Management > Toggle on ‘Unknown Sources’. [Skip this if already allowed Unknown Sources]
  • Open the downloaded MangaDex APK and tap Install
  • After the installation MangaDex will be visible in the Extensions section in Tachiyomi app

How to access Mangadex Catalogue in Tachiyomi ?

Once you installed the Mangadex Extension on Tachiyomi app, you will notice that the extension is visible in the Extensions when you navigate to the extensions menu at navigation pane. Also, it can be found at the Catalogue menu too, now you can browse Mangadex Manga there and select your favorite manga. Not only that, but you can also open them and add them to your Tachiyomi Library to read quickly. Following screenshot show you how this will happen on Tachiyomi.


How to add Mangadex Manga to Tachiyomi Library ?

Hope you have installed the MangaDex extension right?, if so it should show up in the Catalogues tab in your Tachiyomi app. Normally we call the items which appearing as Sources (it can also be called Catalogues too).
To find the manga, you can now either use the Latest button on your source, or you can use Browse and search for it. Sorting option and the search feature is also given by the app here.
what you have to do is select the manga from this list, click on it and then tap the blue bookmark button. It should appear in your My Library tab.


Summarizing the above details, following steps will guide you to Open Mangadex Manga in Tachiyomi app and Add them to Library.

  • Open Tachiyoimi App
  • Navigate to Catalogues
  • Select Browse or Latest depending on your requirement
  • Open the manga that you want to add to the Library
  • Tap on the Blue Bookmark button
  • Go to Library and Manga is ready to read.

Language Codes of Mangadex | What are the languages available on Manga Dex?

Mangadex supports for almost all the languages and it has large collection of Manga from these languages, You refer below table to find out the language and its language code.

Chinese (Simp)cn
Chinese (Trad)hk
Portuguese (Br)br
Portuguese (Pt)pt
Spanish (Es)es
Spanish (LATAM)mx

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