Is Mangadex Down ? How to access when Mangadex Down ?

Mangadex, the largest manga site among manga fans around the world. We noticed that sometimes users experiencing access issues to the Mangadex website due to various reasons. From this article, we are going to find out how we can troubleshoot when it’s not accessible and at the end of this article we will tell you how you can read Mangadex when it’s down. It will be your troubleshooting guide during Mangadex downtimes.

Possible Causes to Mangadex go down

Unable to tolerate the traffic.

If you are familiar with webservers and how it works it is easy to understand this point. In simple, All the websites including Mangadex are hosted on web servers. Users access the website via the internet. These web servers have their limitations depending on the amount of space/bandwidth allocated to the particular website. So what happens here is when many users accessing the website simultaneously, depending on the webserver capacity server became busy due to high traffic if server capacities are limited or it cannot handle this high traffic. In a situation like this sometimes website goes unavailable, or slow down.

Planned downtimes and Maintenance.

During planned downtimes usually, they inform users via announcement thread and the social media like Twitter. like in February 2019, January 2020. (See the example below) In a situation like this, you have nothing to do. you must wait till their activities get completed.

DNS problems

DNS is the service that converts the IP address into an easily memorable website URL. A DNS issue from the server-side or user side could lead unable to access Mangadex website. You can refer below troubleshooting steps to overcome these issues.

Common web attacks like DDoS attacks

Manga websites are getting attacked by hackers regularly. A DDoS attack is a DoS attack in which the attack is perpetrated using several source IP addresses. Generates huge traffic to the target website or server to bring them down. Using IP address spoofing, the attackers usually hide their actual IP addresses and make it extremely hard to catch the attackers. Following is a situation when Mangadex attacked by hackers. You don’t have anything to do here, just wait till the Mangadex resolve the issue. (Mangadex inform users on their official social media sites like Twitter.See example below)

Mangadex DDOS attack

User end issues

Here the issue with you. Internet connection issues, DNS issues, Browser issues and other user-related issues impacting access to the Mangadex website.

How do I identify the Mangadex website status?

Well, if you cannot access if from your computer or mobile device, before starting all the other troubleshooting steps you have to make sure that the Mangadex website is up and running and accessible without any issue. We can do this easily by referring to one of the below websites and check Mangadex website status.

Troubleshooting Browser Related Problems

Make sure your internet is working by accessing another site like google, yahoo, etc.

There may be firewalls blocking your access to Mangadex if you are using your company’s corporate network or public WiFi access point. if so you have to contact with your network admin or authorized person to allow access to Mangadex.

Do a full refresh of the site. This can be achieved by pressing CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your browser. Almost all the browsers support this including Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, etc.)

Clear the cache and cookies on your browser. This will make sure that you are accessing the most recent version of the web page.

Troubleshooting DNS Problems

Clear your local DNS cache using ipconfig toll which available on Windows to make sure that you take the most recent cache that your ISP has.

  • Open Command Prompt by navigating to Start > Command Prompt or Win Key + R and type CMD.
  • Type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter

Change your DNS servers from ISP’s DNS servers to Public DNS servers like OpenDNS or Google Public DNS. (Guidelines below)

Troubleshooting Mangadex Issues

Mangadex has two main domain, Try to access via both of them.


Try to access without ‘www’. it works for some people


How to Access Mangadex when its Down?

The best option is to read Mangadex when its unavailable is using their Tachiyomi extension on your mobile device to read its cached manga in your library. Simply what it does is like you can select your favourite manga and its chapters in the Mangadex extension and add them to your Library, so that it will download the Manga directly from the Mangadex database and store in your local storage. Let’s see how we can prepare to read Mangadex on Tachiyom.

  1. Install Tachiyomi on your Mobile Device – (Learn how to download and install)
  2. Install Mangadex extension (APK) – (Learn how to install Mangadex extension)
  3. Browse Mangadex catalogue, select Manga and add it to your library. (Learn how)

I am sure that you can follow the above steps and get the app installed and configured. I have added the link to guidelines on each step. What you have to do is install and download your manga only, then no matter whether Mangadex site is available or not, you can still read the manga.

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