Tachiyomi Released Latest Stable Version 0.9.2

Tachiyomi developers have released their latest stable version today. In this version, they have included many enhancements and fixed their previous bugs. During last 30 days period, they have released three major updates, that is 0.9.0, 0.9.1 and 0.9.2. Its been a while since their latest stable release (0.8.5) and in 0.9.x version they have done significant changes where users can get it’s maximum outcomes to enjoy manga.

Download Latest version from our Downloads Page.

Following are all the changes they have done to tachiyomi latest version 0.9.x up to now.

Bug fixes

  • Backup failing when a source isn’t installed
  • Local manga page sorting
  • 32-bit color setting not showing up in reader settings (Android 8+)
  • Fixed sources tab not updating after installing an extension
  • Disabled Proguard, which was causing issues with some extensions (e.g. Komga)
  • Inverted selection in chapters list re-inverting after performing an action
  • Manga info being cut off on smaller screens
  • Removed notification sound when backup or restore is complete
  • Move start/pause button in download queue to a Floating Action Button
  • Remove extra confirmation step for passive biometric unlock (e.g. iris scan or face unlock)
  • Various reader bugs
  • Tracking for single page chapters
  • Search bar focus/menu bugs
  • Reader closing if opening app from launcher
  • Ignore temporary directories for download badges
  • Sort chapters properly in updates
  • Show reader toolbars on top of color filter
  • Filename length when saving pages
  • Allow selecting “Default” category for auto library updates
  • Allow selecting “Default” category for auto download


  • Collapse top and bottom toolbars on scroll

Under the hood

  • Targeting Android 10
  • Migrate background jobs to WorkManager, which should be more reliable
  • Lots of other code migrations/cleanup
  • Auto update enabled by default
  • Increased chapter cache size
  • Increased default request timeout from 10 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Downloading will copy from chapter cache if available


  • Next chapter begins preloading earlier
  • Zoom out in webtoon and continuous vertical readers
  • EPUB support improvements
  • Double tapping in pager viewer zooms where you tapped instead of the center


  • Better logout flow for trackers
  • Option to remove tracking from track search dialog
  • Label email address login field properly for Kitsu

Source migration

  • Include chapter bookmarks
  • Include chapters list filter/sort/display settings
  • Include viewer setting


  • Progress shown in notifications
  • Progress no longer lost when restore is stopped


  • Improved WebView navigation menu
  • Prompt user to update WebView if version is too old

Other UI/UX

  • Moved long press menu options to bottom for more consistent and quicker usability
  • Nicer chapter update notifications
  • More pitch black-ness in AMOLED theme
  • Sticky date section headers in history list
  • Fast scroller in library, sources, and extensions
  • Better error message when downloading to an invalid location
  • Pressing history item goes to the chapter list

New features

  • Gray reader background


  • Splash screen (follows system light/dark theme)
  • Automatic system dark theme (Android 9+)
  • Pure white light theme


  • Select all/inverse options
  • Sort by latest chapter option (“Last updated” renamed to “Last checked”)
  • Long hold two items to do a range selection in library and chapters lists
  • Search by artist, genre, or source
  • Tapping genre tags does a library search or source search, depending on how you opened the manga details
  • Bookmarking options in chapter selection menu
  • Downloaded only mode to force downloaded filter for all chapter lists in your library (in More)


  • Translucent toolbars (Android 8+)
  • Option for showing reader content in cutout area (e.g. notches or cameras cutouts)
  • Webtoon side padding option
  • New continuous vertical reader (i.e. webtoon with gaps between pages)
  • Bookmarking option from toolbar
  • Option to hide transition page when possible (i.e. next chapter is already loaded)
  • Option to skip filtered chapters while reading


  • Start/end dates for MyAnimeList

Sources (formerly called Catalogues)

  • App icons in sources list
  • Long press sources to pin or hide them
  • Prioritize pinned sources when doing global search
  • Option to only include pinned sources when doing global search
  • Link in menu to local manga guide
  • JSON metadata for local manga


  • Extensions no longer available from the official extensions repo are marked as “Obsolete”
  • Filter extensions by language
  • Extension update notifications

Download queue

  • Reorder items
  • Cancel individual items


  • Date format
  • Confirm before exit
  • Security options (biometrics lock, secure screen, hide notification content)
  • Shortcut to disable battery optimization (More > Settings > Advanced)

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