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Ultimate Guide to Troubleshoot Tachiyomi App Issues

Tachiyomi, the best opensource manga reader with fantastic features. Its been more popular because of its abilities and speed. Even thousands of users are using it there are some issues that users report. Most of the time these are common issues and those can be easily reproduced and can be resolved easily. It is indeed an open-source project. We know that opensource projects sometimes comes with some issue. (for an example Tachiyomi page list empty issue) But with Tachiyomi you don’t need to worry because Tachiyomi offers the most reliable and stable version along with the Dev version. You can use both of them as per your interest. We can recommend the stable version to everyone.

In this article, you will find workarounds to troubleshoot the common issues with Tachiyomi app/extensions


How to resolve Tachiyomi page list empty error ?

The most common issue with Tachiyomi is page list empty issue when trying to read the manga. This is happening with mangarock, mangahere, kismanga, and other extensions according to the users. May be some of the chapters that get this error was working fine earlier. So this has become a headache for the user. 

As per the developers you can resolve the issue by solving the CAPTCHA on their website using your browser. For this you can use Google ChromeFirefoxOpera, or any browser installed on your device, but it is better to use the default browser which is opening webpages when you open a link.

How to solve the CAPTCHA to fix Tachiyomi page list is empty issue?

  1. Update the Tachiyomi app and extension you are using to the latest version (Learn How to Update)
  2. Open your browser and go to the related website which is causing the issue (Eg: If the issue comes with mangahere, you have to go yo mangahere website.)
  3. You will receive a Captcha. Resolve it and browse some manga randomly.
  4. Open the Tachiyomi and enjoy!

Workaround to Fix Page List Empty issue.

  1. Update to latest dev version or install the latest extension 
  2. In Tachiyomi app go to settings -> advanced and clear cookies.
  3. Open your default browser (eg: Google Chrome) and go to the website that is causing the issue.
  4. Click on a random comic/manga and click on a chapter, let it load.
  5. Open Tachiyomi app.
  6. Go to Catalouges menu and click the browse button of the source that is having the issue
  7. it should work, if it does not click the retry button, after a couple of retry attempts it should work.
  8. Now you can go back to your library and read your chapters/downloads.
To resolve the CAPTCHA, You can try below solution too.

How to resolve Tachiyomi http error 403 issue?

http error 403 occurs because of the http Forbidden code normally. It may be comming from the site which relates to the specific extension and site. it occurs because of the manga source (extension)that you have selected may have enabled Cloudflare protection and due to that it is enforcing CAPTCHAs. Previously the app already handled CloudFlare to some extent, But now, newer Tachiyomi versions can handle it a bit better. So you won’t be facing any issue with newer versions. Anyhow you can try following troubleshooting steps.

  1. Find the mangas in your library which is from the source you’re trying to access
  2. Next touch on the three dots icon at Info tab (overflow menu)
  3. Select Open in Webview option as displayed in below screenshot.
tachiyomi open in web view
opening manga in web view
  1. You will receive a Captcha to complete. (see below screenshot). If it doesn’t prompt you a CAPTCHA there, you can initiate one by tapping on manga title,
  2. Complete that CAPTCHA and wait few seconds to finish the page loading.
  3. Finally Tap back without exiting the app. If that does not work, then only use back arrow to go back.
  4. You will notice that http error 403 issue is fixed.
tachiyomi-http 403 error issue fix captcha Tachiyomi page list empty
Tachiyomi http 403 error issue fixed by solving the captcha

WebView doesn’t work for me, What now ?

If WebView doesn’t working for your issue as expected, please try updating your Android System WebView app installedin yourdevice through Play Store, and after that go to Developer Options in your device’s settings and set WebView Implementation option to Android System WebView.

Why I am getting CAPTCHA related issues in Tachiyomi ?

For security and performance purposes some manga sources use Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to ensure that they are protected against web attacks. These CDN try to verify the user when it suspects the requester (You) sometimes when there are a lot of requests to their servers and some other occasions. CAPTCHAs are using for this verification. If you use a web browser, you can see it, but since you are using Tachitomi app you cannot see that because Tachiyomi app uses its backend services to connect with manga sources.
Sometimes you may have been IP-banned, If that is the case, there is probably nothing that can be done about that. but a verification like CAPTCHA can be manually solved, some are temporary (IP bans).

Workarounds that can lower chance of it happening again:

  • Don’t use downloads with the source.
  • Have less manga in library from the source.

What are the other diagnostic steps I can follow?

  • Try the CAPTCHA fix by opening the manga in WebView. (Instructions above) If there is CAPTCHA, solve it and see if it helps.
  • Adapt your internet connection (switch to WiFi, mobile data or a VPN)
  • Note your public IP address and confirm your IP has changed), You can get your public IP address by searching “What’s my IP” on Google. then try again.
  • Try using the latest Dev version if you use the Stable version.
  • If you use Virus Guards, Firewalls, Data Saving options or apps in your device disable them for a while and try again.
  • Tried clearing the cache, checking for updates in the app and extensions.
  • If updates are available, update your app/extensions.
  • Try Tachiyomi or alternative app on your device or on another platform (Best Tachiyomi Alternatives)

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