8 Best Comedy Anime Series that will makes you Laugh

Although there are many great funny animes available, the following shows are the greatest animes that makes you laugh from beginning to end. Those have been selected from after taking votes from the hundreds of anime readers, and we are sure that many of them have jokes that will make you funny.  We have made the top 8 best comedy anime list because laughing is a good habit. Well, it won’t cure cancer, but a good smile can lift your mood and make you feel good all day. There is no shortage of comedy animation to choose from. Still, humour is one of the hardest to translate between cultures and languages. By overcoming that gap anime series always comes into our mind.

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Tachiyomi Released Latest Stable Version 0.9.2

Tachiyomi developers have released their latest stable version today. In this version, they have included many enhancements and fixed their previous bugs. During last 30 days period, they have released three major updates, that is 0.9.0, 0.9.1 and 0.9.2. Its been a while since their latest stable release (0.8.5) and in 0.9.x version they have done significant changes where users can get it’s maximum outcomes to enjoy manga.

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Is it Illegal to Read Comics Online? [The Legal Background]

reading comics online legal illegal legit

Comics has been very popular among teenagers and some adults nowadays, but the thing is most of the comic publishers like Marvel, DC ComicsBoom Studios, AC Comics, etc offer comics for subscriptions or as printed books, sometimes there may be free versions. However you have to purchase them to read. With the evolution of the internet and technology, people are looking for everything on the internet. Same way people have started to try reading comics online, rather than purchasing hard copies of comic books. There are many legal and illegal websites on the internet to access and read comics. But the problem is is it legal to read comics on the internet? Let’s dig into this by this article.

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Ultimate Guide to Troubleshoot Tachiyomi App Issues

Tachiyomi, the best opensource manga reader with fantastic features. Its been more popular because of its abilities and speed. Even thousands of users are using it there are some issues that users report. Most of the time these are common issues and those can be easily reproduced and can be resolved easily. It is indeed an open-source project. We know that opensource projects sometimes comes with some issue. (for an example Tachiyomi page list empty issue) But with Tachiyomi you don’t need to worry because Tachiyomi offers the most reliable and stable version along with the Dev version. You can use both of them as per your interest. We can recommend the stable version to everyone which is available on our Download page.

In this article, you will find workarounds to troubleshoot the common issues with Tachiyomi app/extensions

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Mandrasoft Manga Reader for iOS and Android

Mandrasoft Manga Reader for iOS and Android

Mandrasoft Manga app introduced by Mandrasoft. It got popular among manga readers worldwide because of its interfaces, features. It gives you the ability to enjoy them online or offline. Best thing is it is available for both Android and iOS.

Mandrasoft Manga reader looks good at first glance so that everyone uses Mandrasoft Manga readers loves to read with Mandrasoft Manga app. You can choose among thousands of mangas and add them to your library. Not only that it gives a notification whenever a new chapter is available. It will give you quick updates to your fingertips. Download feature is available to download mangas. not only read mangas online but also download them and read them later offline.

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Is Mangadex Down ? How to access when Mangadex Down ?


Mangadex, the largest manga site among manga fans around the world. We noticed that sometimes users experiencing access issues to the Mangadex website due to various reasons. From this article, we are going to find out how we can troubleshoot when it’s not accessible and at the end of this article we will tell you how you can read Mangadex when it’s down. It will be your troubleshooting guide during Mangadex downtimes.

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Download Mangadex App APK


Hello Manga fans, hope you are looking for the Mangadex app to easily right? Not only you most of the people who use Mangadex are looking for Mangadex app. MangaDex is very popular because of its contents, quality and update speed. This is the main reason behind may users are addicted to it. Well, going forward directly I have to say that currently there is no any official app launched by the MangaDex, but don’t be afraid, there is a great extension which is compatible with Tachiyomi app.
This extension comes as APK file which compatible with android and is created officially be the Tachiyomi developers/associates to get official manga from the Managadex databases, Finally Tachiyomi and Mangadex APK file altogether you have the Mangadex mobile application to read the manga. at the moment we can consider it as official Mangadex apk file. From this article, we are going to guide you on how to install and use Manga dex apk file on Tachiyomi App to read manga on your mobile.

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iOS Alternatives for Tachiyomi | Tachiyomi for Apple iOS

Most of Tachiyomi users looking for an iOS version of Tachiyomi app once they moved to Apple devices, it is sad to say that officially Tachiyomi app is not available for Apple iOS as the developers have not started working for Tachiyomi iOS application yet. Still, we are lucky enough to read manga on iOS devices using one of below methods.

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Tachiyomi Best Extensions to Install

Tachiyomi best extensions

Tachiyomi app has become the most popular manga reader among manga fans, as we all know there are a lot of websites, sources available on the internet to read manga, but Tachiyomi gives you the ability to read all of them in one place, in your mobile phone or on any android device. Among hundreds of Tachiyomi extensions, it’s hard to specify the best ones, but with the time you spent on the reading, you will feel what is the best sources which suites for you. Today, we are listing Best Tachiyomi extensions and these extensions have been selected from their quality, update speed, availability and other common features of the sources.

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How to Install Tachiyomi Extensions

Tachiyomi has become the best opensource manga reader available for Android Phones and Tablets today. Its clean UI and customization options provide you to easily read manga from online sources and download them to read offline.

Once you downloaded and installed Tachiyomi app on your android device, you have to install Tachiyomi extensions to start reading. Tachiyomi extensions allow you to get mangas from their sources. Simply extension is the part which connects the Tachiyomi app with manga sources. An extension can contains multiple sources. Usually, extensions come in .apk format where you can download and install. But the easiest way to install in using the Tachiyomi app to get the easily installed.

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